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Get a professional whitening look with a quick and easy visit to our offices. The process is simple! Our dental assistant will take two impressions, capturing the details of your teeth. From there, she will create a set of custom, take-home whitening trays and provide you with a gel that beats anything you can find over-the-counter. These allow you to whiten your teeth at your convenience, safely and efficiently.

Results are achieved over a week to ten day period of daily use. You can also use your custom trays for touch-up applications whenever you see fit.


Brighten your smile with our in-office bleaching! Leave our office flashing a confident and brighter smile! Included with this treatment is an incredibly easy to use take-home application pen for improving upon and maintaining your results.

Though you will likely notice a big difference after only one treatment, additional treatments could be necessary to achieve the sparkling white teeth you desire.

Schedule this treatment with your next cleaning appointment for a special discounted price!

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