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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Misshapen and misaligned wisdom teeth can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort. Often they grow improperly and do not align with the molars. It is uncommon to find well-aligned wisdom teeth. If you have severely misaligned wisdom teeth, we may recommend extraction.

Are you afraid of extractions? Don’t be. Our wisdom teeth removal process is a pain-free and simple procedure with the promise of improved oral health. At Salmon Creek Dental facility, we offer a wide range of distractions and sedation methods to ensure our patients are comfortable and calm during the extraction process.

When is Extraction Necessary?

Because wisdom tooth-related problems are quite common, people naturally tend to avoid visiting their dentist. However, you need to have your wisdom teeth removed as early as possible in most cases.

Below are the signs that indicate when the extraction is inevitable:

You have developed dental cavities or have decay

The wisdom tooth has become infected with recurrent pericoronitis or cellulitis

You have developed a cyst

You are unable to floss or brush your wisdom teeth

After assessing your oral health and the alignment of your wisdom teeth, our team at Salmon Creek Dental determines whether or not you need an extraction. Wisdom tooth extraction is a simple procedure that can be performed in a single visit. All teeth have their roots enclosed in a “tooth socket” within the jawbone. Teeth are held in place in the socket by a ligament. To extract a tooth, the socket is expanded to pull out the tooth from the ligament.

We offer many sedation options to make it easy and comfortable for you. You can book your appointment with us today.

Possible Complications

Wisdom tooth extraction is a simple and standard procedure. Our skilled and experienced dentists at Salmon Creek Dental ensure maximum precision and efficacy during the process to minimize the risk of complications.

In rare cases, however, some complications may include:

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Numbness of tongue and lips

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Infection or sinus exposure

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Damage to the gum or jaw joints

After extraction, the adjacent teeth start moving to compensate for the space between the teeth. This may cause problems with joint function, chewing, or cleaning. We recommend that our patients opt for restorative dentistry to replace a missing tooth to prevent these complications.

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How Does it Work?

Is it your first time getting a tooth removed? Don’t be anxious. Our Vancouver clinic will ensure you are well guided through the process.

1: Anesthesia

Wisdom tooth extraction requires incisions and is a minimal but invasive procedure. To prevent any pain or discomfort, anesthesia is injected on the extraction site.

We may use general or local anesthesia to numb the surrounding area. If you have dental phobia or anxiety, we may recommend a sedative to keep you relaxed and calm during the process. Talk to our dentists during your consultation visit for more information about our sedation options.

2: The Extraction

If the wisdom tooth is beneath the gums, the dentist makes a small incision to access the tooth. The tooth is then cut into pieces to extract it through the small incision easily. If the tooth is already grown, the incision may not be required. The pressure felt during the procedure is due to the widening of the tooth socket.

Be sure not to feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. If you feel overwhelmed during the treatment, inform us immediately. Wisdom tooth extraction takes less than 30 minutes.

An impacted or infected wisdom tooth can cause a great deal of pain. Prolonged delay in extraction can lead to complicated oral health problems. If you have pain in your wisdom tooth, schedule a consultation with our dentists today!

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